PO Boxes
--are too expensive.
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(last worked on: January 4th, 2024)

* I'll try to keep this page short and simple: the sorry management of the US Postal Service is a big reason why I voted Democratic, but after 2 years, Postmaster General DeJoy is still in charge --still running down service, still raising prices, and STILL refusing to accept packages from other carriers like UPS.

* Of course(!): voting Republican is not an option. (Maybe next year we'll have a "Progressive" party --after the GOP is soundly defeated and takes on the well deserved role of being just another, irrelevant, "3rd party".)

* So here's my main point: Surely --delivering mail to in-Post Office PO Boxes is vastly cheaper than driving it out through a miles-long route with a scattering of poorly maintained residential mailboxes, doorsteps, and angry dogs.

* The USPS should be encouraging residential people to sign up for small PO Boxes, not raising prices ($250/year now!).

* Home delivery is fine and must be a preserved, traditional service, especially for the home-bound, but most of us are well advised to use a secure PO Box address, instead of having such as replacement checks, credit cards, a jury summons, or some sort of a "Last Notice" --at risk of theft or vandalism. Having a PO Box is especially valuable when one has to move to a new address.

* I've sent several letters (postal and email) about deteriorating Postal service to Democrats, pointing out that a donation I sent (to the DNC, by certified mail) took 13 days to reach them in Washington DC (tracking #70211970000207517935)! I finally got a thank-you for my donation, but no responses about our Postal service.

* This last point should be the clincher: homelessness. A stable, secure mailing address is essential for rehabilitating a homeless person or family --yet: Postmaster General DeJoy has made them unaffordable ($250/year here in Coos Bay).