A Better Mouse Trap
~~last worked on: January 24th, 2019~~
you're at: https://57296.neocities.org/mice.htm

They walk the plank

You can't see the smeared trail leading to a pad of peanut butter near the end of that thin stick. (A paint stirring stick would be about right.) It doesn't matter that my stick is textured (ie: non-slippery), since it falls into the (typical 13 gallon) waste basket, along with the mouse, and the inside is too slippery for the little guy to get out.

Want to catch multiple mice? Just use a few more sticks --but short enough so as not to become ladders back out.

In the morning, carry the basket and said mouse out to some distance from your house --and release.

Mission accomplished!

* More developed versions of this idea date back to a 1932 patent, as shown to us in a good YouTube video at:

> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nsoVcrFyrF8

* "Hav-a-hart" (spelling?), Victor and other brands have long marketed well-intended live mouse traps which, in my experience, aren't nearly as effective. One trap design is so considerate of the mouse's welfare that he's prevented from actually eating any peanut butter, since the poor little dears have been known to choke on it.