A Kitchen Range--
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(last worked on: January 20th, 2019)

--the most dangerous thing in your home?

Surely, it's a close second to your bathtub. (I should do a page on tubs as well.^)

* How obvious! How basic! All kitchen stoves/ranges need to have a master timer: run down and off by default.

So you're reheating something --and it surely won't take more than (say) 5 minutes --then set the timer --only takes a second, and it might save you from starting a fire --or setting off the smoke alarm (again!).

* Retrofitting an old electric range would be a snap. Just pull out the stove, add a relay box with that universal 3 prong 220 volt receptacle and plug --plus a magnetically mounted timer that sits conveniently atop the back splash panel. I can imagine this being a municipally funded gift to all homes when a resident within reaches (say) 70 years of age --a gift which would soon pay for itself.

* Gas ranges are another matter, of course. You wouldn't want to mess with/modify them, so it's best that such a senior citizen "gift" become a subsidy --for installing a new or used electric range.

* And of course: it would be mandated that all new residential ranges, gas or electric, be equipped with a standard shut-down timer. (In other words: the timer would have standardized placement, appearance, simple operation, be distinct from and would collectively over-ride whatever other controls that a kitchen stove/range might have.)

^ If we're lucky, we'll all grow old, so all homes should have at least a walk-in shower with a decent seat, and maybe a walk-in (sealed door type) tub.