Recent Radiation Monitoring
SW Oregon Radiation Monitoring for the Coos Bay & North Bend area

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Updated: October 16th, 2020
* New graphs will be posted here at the 16th day, the end of the month --or within 24 hours of an event. Past monitoring & comments.
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September - 2020
~  1st: 35cpm peak at 12:15 hours (all UTC) (isolated).
~  8th: Smoke from Oregon's forest fires blotted out the Sun at local noon, seemingly replaced by fog (and
        smoke) on the morning of the 12th (as I type this note). Although an air draw filter (at 00:30 hours
        on the 10th - UTC) showed a significant count (with an unusual decay curve/step), my daily 24 hour
        averages were barely affected (implying mutations and beta in the filter --see the blue P2 & P5 dots).
        I washed the exterior of the outside station's housing on the morning of the 11th, but the subsequent
        count downturn doesn'tseem statistically significant.
~ 10th: 33cpm peak at 06:11 hours (isolated).
~ 11th: 33cpm peak at 16:17 hours (isolated).
~ 13th: This morning's count was running at 108%, so I did another air draw, getting a high (but not record)
        count from the filter and a decay curve more typical of radon daughters. (No rain here for a long time,
        and little or no sunshine on the sand and soil --so it has to be coming in with the smoke --sourced
        100 miles away, where the radiation must be pretty high.) The day's peak minute count was only 30.
        It's my guess that our intense Oregon fires are liberating radon from forest floors.
~ 17th: 33cpm peak at 09:32 hours (isolated).
~ 19th: 35cpm peak at 07:53 hours (isolated). Smoke has cleard with rain.
~ 28th: 34cpm peak at 09:28 hours (isolated).
~ 30th: No other threshold (33cpm) crossing peaks as of this morning (PST/PDT).

October - 2020
~  2nd: 33cpm peak at 14:53 hours (all UTC) (isolated).
~ 16th: No other threshold (33cpm) crossing peaks as of this morning (PST/PDT).