Recent Radiation Monitoring
SW Oregon Radiation Monitoring for the Coos Bay & North Bend area

See Space Weather for current solar/storm news. Energy News (check beyond their often lurid headlines) has slacked off in 2016.
We can follow the demise and poisonous death throws of the nuclear industry via Ring of Fire, Common Dreams, Truthdig and others.
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Updated: August 5th, 2020
* New graphs will be posted each month, or within 24 hours of an event or graph excursion. Past monitoring & comments.

June - 2020
~ 19th: 34cpm peak at 14:21 hours (isolated).
~ 30th: 34cpm peak at 11:52 hours (isolated).
~ 30th: No other threshold (33cpm) crossing peaks as of this morning (PST/PDT).

July - 2020
~  3rd: 33cpm peak at 10:53 hours (all UTC) (isolated).
~ 10th: 33cpm peak at 01:04 hours (isolated).
~ 11th: 34cpm peak at 03:58 hours (isolated).
~ 16th: 35cpm peak at 13:25 hours (isolated).
~ 17th: 37cpm peak at 10:09 hours (isolated) (no build-up).
~ 28th: 33cpm peak at 10:04 hours (isolated).
~ 31st: No other threshold (33cpm) crossing peaks as of this evening (PST/PDT).