Wallet Prints From Walgreen's Photo Center
(Last worked on: October 5th, 2020)
The idea here is to end up with left-right print pairs for making 5 inch format steregraphs..
You're at: https://57296.neocities.org/walgreen.htm

"Touch anywhere to begin"

* Here we are at our nearest Walgreen's Photo Center --and the lighting is terrible. Hopefully, your Walgreen has the same system --which works as follows:

"Continue to Main Menu"

Choose "Prints & Enlargements"

You've probably got an SD camera card or a USB flash memory stick, so choose: "Digital Media"

--and insert your media thingy.

Then up comes your images, the default being newest first. When you select one, take the
option to "Edit" it --upon which a new screen comes up:

--where upon you select "All Sizes".

Another screen comes up. At the far right is "4x6 Wallet $0.99", and taking the arrow brings:

--brings the "New Sizes" option into view. Select it, "+" as many copies as you want'
then tap "Finished" --whereupon you see--

--it presented as a "New Image". Select the other frame of the stereo pair and repeat.

So here we are at the "Review Photos" screen, ready to Checkout.
(Never mind that "cropped" warning. You don't want to mess with this system's defaults.)

I hope these steps work for you!

* The next "steps" are about old fashioned trimming and mounting. Enjoy!