Bottled Water
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(last worked on: February 18, 2020)

This Old Water Cooler

* Ever worked in an old city building with ancient plumbing and an original (probably made of lead) street connection to a leaky water main? It was the bottled water cooler for you, right?

The depressing inspiration for this page was proposed legislation in the State of Washington --to outlaw the production of bottled water. See:


--for details on SB 6278.

* Right: if we're to live in and depend upon a techno-tronic society, our society needs competent, scientific management. I'm among the first to admit we need guidance and limits on choice --for our own good (individually and collectively) --but: this is the sort of crowd-sourced initiative that poisons the public against progressive politics.

* Yes: I too abhor the proliferation of plastic wastes (and plastic nano-particles are in our water --and that matters).

* Yes: I understand that by making those who can afford bottled water (I can't) --by making them drink the city's stuff, that would result in cleaner water sooner for everyone.

* Yes: I understand that municipal water is, on the whole, cleaner than your average bottled water.

We're privileged here in Oregon --to be supplied "EartH2O" brand water, drawn from a deep aquifer that has not a trace of radionuclides from the atomic (bomb testing) age. It's not known how ancient that water actually is.

* Here's my point: the single, most effective thing that those opposed to bottled water (and single use plastic waste) --could do: get the fluoride out! Whether or not you think fluoridation is just fine, many people are very concerned --enough to buy bottled water. Once added, fluoride can't affordably be filtered out. Bottled water is cheaper.

** Well: it turns out that I've already fielded a page on this topic: here.

The crowded, stinkin' old city --with its decaying infrastructure and polluted water.

If, through progressive politics, we can achieve broader income equality and a wider prosperity, material and energy consumption will go way up --unless we can depopulate. (But that's unthinkable --right?)